Five ways that IPSE can help freelancers

December 9th, 2015

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The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) is the UK’s representative body for freelancers and the self-employed. We support and encourage the freelancing community in a variety of ways, as well as being a sponsor of PFMeet (and a big fan of their work). See below for more information on our current work in freelancing, and the ways in which we can help and support you.

1. Representation

In 1999, in a direct response to unfair tax restrictions on the self-employed more commonly known as IR35, a group of contractors and freelancers set up IPSE as an association to represent independent professionals.

We are still owned and run by our members, whose numbers now exceed 68,000 making us the largest association of independent professionals in the EU. Today our work covers much more besides tax restrictions, and we have a strong position in which to be the representative body for freelancers in the UK to industry and to the Government, making sure your concerns are heard.

We believe that flexibility in the labour market is crucial to Britain’s economic success, and dedicate our work to improving the landscape for the freelance way of working through our active and influential voice. Our full policy plan and commitments can be read in the 2015 IPSE Manifesto.

2. Events

As part of our campaign to strengthen the self-employed community, IPSE have created a variety of networks and regular events across the UK. These are often in partnership with reputable bodies and accredited experts. As a member you can enjoy a varied selection offering all that you need to develop and grow as a freelancer, from our Freelancer Moneybox financial advice events to one-off networking events to our ever growing Women in Freelancing Network. In particular we host a range of webinars and guest blog posts which provide immediate access to expert guidance.

To view all upcoming events, webinars and articles visit the News and Events section of our website.

3. Support

At IPSE we understand that freelancing is never easy, and requires a feat of multidisciplinary tasks as you take on the roles of a whole company as a single person. Marketing, accountancy, business development, negotiating rates; it all has to be you. An IPSE membership offers peace of mind in this respect. We will defend and protect your business, meaning that you’re able to focus on running it without worry.

As a member you can make the most of:

  • Free tax and legal helplines
  • Specialists to defend you in a tax investigation at no cost
  • Debt recovery at a special member rate
  • A discounted contract review service

And much more besides.

We go further in offering support that may not be at the top of the ‘to do list’ for freelancers. Through our IPSE Futures programme available to members we provide a pension scheme with a negotiated charge of 0.43% and life assurance starting at just £2.80 per month.

4. Flexible Benefits

In order to make life that bit easier, and using our connection with key members of industry, IPSE offers a wide range of consumer benefits and discounts that can provide a boost to you and your business.

This includes over 2000 offers, which could save you hundreds of pounds each year. Discounts on Apple products, Dell and HP hardware, gym memberships and more can take the edge off times between contracts and mean more funding for business development.

A unique relationship between IPSE and workspaces like Club Workspace and NearDesk provides members with special benefits and access to workhubs across the UK. Whilst priority access to HiredByMe, a tool which allows you to gather and share full, honest assessments from past clients also can provide much needed feedback. All benefits have been developed by IPSE to make life easier for freelancers while saving you money.

5. Research

In our modern, innovation-driven economy the self-employed sector is a rapidly evolving and significant part of the workforce, not just in the UK but globally. However research remains fragmented and often does not fully encompass all parts of the freelancing community.

This is why IPSE regularly conducts research in order to provide a clearer snapshot into freelancing. This is sometimes conducted on a case by case basis, however our main area of research is the quarterly Freelancer Confidence Index survey (FCI).

To have your voice heard and to contribute to this important research, do take part in the current Freelancer Confidence Index here. You could be in with a chance to win one of ten £50 Amazon vouchers if you do.


In the UK today freelancers number 1.88 million, and IPSE is proud to represent this sector of the workforce. With a highly professional staff working for you, IPSE has the unique ability to demonstrate the economic value of freelancing to those in power and ensure freelancing is both considered and supported in all areas of regulation and policy.

In becoming a member you are not only showing support for this work but will also receive a large and varied range of benefits. We aim to do as much as possible in ensuring freelancers are supported and represented.

Visit the IPSE website for more information on the various memberships and benefits available.

PFMeet are able to offer a 15% discount on the first year of IPSE membership using the discount code ‘PFMEET’.

Written by:

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) is a sponsor of PFMeet and the national representative for freelancers.

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