About Portsmouth Freelancers Meet

Portsmouth Freelancers Meet (aka PFMeet) is a monthly networking group for all creative types – web designers, graphic designers, developers, film makers, artists, photographers… you name it!

We meet at various venues across Portsmouth (check the home page for the latest meet point), and sometimes have a creative activity or a special event planned, such as retro gaming nights, Summer BBQ’s and talks.

Not just for freelancers

As well as freelancers, we also get contractors, agencies, students, graduates and people who are just curious and want to get some advice about working for yourself or in the creative industry. Post-pandemic we've also seen a lot more people from various industries who work from home who just want to socialise with other people who work from home!

Christmas Party 2021

Bomberman Tournament 2015

Where it all started...

I started Portsmouth Freelancers Meet in August 2010. Having not long moved to Portsmouth I didn’t know any fellow freelancers. I got chatting to a graphic designer friend about the lack of networking opportunities and so I decided to start a fortnightly (now monthly) meetup for local creative types.

As a web developer and video producer I was looking to meet all sorts of people. At first it was purely for networking to meet people to work with, but now it’s become more about making friends, skill swapping and getting support from others.

If you’d like to come, check out our events page and sign up! You can also find us on Twitter & Facebook or give me a shout on e-mail if you have any questons. joanna@pfmeet.co.uk

Looking forward to meeting you!

Dribbble Night 2015

Quiz Night 2013

Our Sponsors

We try and keep our events as free/cheap as possible for attendees, and we can only do this with the help of sponsors. Want to become a sponsor? Simply get in touch to find out how we can work together!

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