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December 9th, 2015

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We’re really pleased to announce that Alliants will be sponsoring the 6th annual Christmas bash for Portsmouth Freelancers Meet. Alliants is a growing Technology Consultancy and Software Engineering company based close to Southampton and they are currently on the lookout for contractors and permanent member to join their team.

Jo at PFMeet spoke to Antonia Murphy, their Brand Manager, to find out more about Alliants and what it’s like being a freelancer, or ‘associate’, for them.

What can you expect working for Alliants?

“Anyone that works for Alliants on a contract basis, comes in and works with the team as part of the team that is working on a particular project. We like people to feel part of the community that we work in, we like to think that we can learn from them and vice versa.”

Contract and permanent roles available

We are keen to meet and stay in touch with good, like minded people who are passionate about technology and solving business problems.

In an ideal world at the moment we are looking for permanent members of the team, so if there are any people out there who are worried about getting enough work to say, buy a mortgage etc then we would be really interested to hear from them. We also really want to get to know some talented people so that next year when the work load ramps up again, we have a decent amount of associates that we can call on for help.”

Opportunity to work / relocate abroad

“We also have opportunity to work offshore so if there are any freelancers who would be keen to go to Toronto, Sofia, China to work, we could potentially accommodate that too.”

Remote work possible

People can work remotely (plenty of us do) but we would prefer them to be here with us as we do a lot of paired programming and like people to feel part of the team. We are flexible if people need to work elsewhere, from time to time thats fine but we also like to see people from time to time as well!”

 What kind of roles are they looking for?

“There are positions available for 3 full time people to join the team straight away but it would also be great to have a pool of associates for when we have overflow work.”

“We’re currently looking for front end developers and full stack developers, and we predominantly use Rails and Angular for web and Swift and Java for mobile. But we do adapt when we need too and are always interested in new technologies.”

Office culture at Alliants

“Here are some of the things people can expect from us:

  • Great coffee
  • Bacon on Fridays
  • Home Cooked lunch on Friday and also beer!
  • Music, some good, some very bad and some average!
  • Much banter
  • Regular parties and pub trips.”


If you’d like to chat with someone about working with Alliants, please get in touch with Antonia.

As always we are externally grateful to all our sponsors who help make PFMeet events possible and we’re especially pleased to have Alliants on board!

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard

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