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June 9th, 2015

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Thursday 4th June was our first ever Dribbble meetup, right here in Portsmouth. We organised it alongside Scott Birnie who runs Emsworth Meet (every 1st Thursday).

We had around 50 designers from around the South Coast come along to see talks from our speakers, take part in analog playoffs, have some food and lot’s of drinks! Food & Drinks were sponsored by the awesome Krystal Hosting, Campaign Monitor, Starboard Media and no1son.


One of the first to arrive was Andrew from Fix8, who won a goody bag because of his awesome t-shirt.

To kick off the evening, after some general drinks and networking, we had talks from 3 local designers and developers.

Co-working, Collaboration & Failure

First up we had Karl March (who runs Port 57 Studio), who spoke about Co-Working, Collaboration and Failure. He spoke about how to take failure and turn it into something positive, as well as the benefits of working in a co-working environment.


Panic Driven Design

Next up we had a talk from Phil Bennett (web team lead at Carswell Gould) whose talk on Panic Driven Design took us through the 10 stages of delivering a project under extreme pressure. We learnt some valuable lessons in what not to do, as well as how we can take the power of panic and pressure and turn it into something positive.


Designing for Fun

To close the evening of talks, we heard from Dan Edwards (co-director of No Divide Studio) who shared with us his experiences with Designing for Fun. We got to see some of the side projects Dan does as well as insights into how to really let your creative juices flow.


Finishing on a video which takes us through one of his fun projects,Β take a look at this awesome design process for creating a poster:

Royal Blood Poster Design Process from Dan Edwards on Vimeo.

Analog Playoff #1: Lettering

After all the inspiring talks, we had some analog playoffs. These are similar to Dribbble playoffs, where people are given a theme and asked to design something, except we used pen and paper. The first of our Analog Playoffs involved each person designing a letter from the phrase “Drink & Dribbble Portsmouth”. Prizes were sponsored by Shopify, Diginate, Dribbble and Strong Island.








Players could then vote for their favourite by putting a tick on the page, and thus the winner of the Letter competition was Lewis. He received a goody bag full of Shopify, Diginate, Dribbble & Strong Island swag for ‘keeping it simple’. πŸ˜‰


Analog Playoff #2 – Scribbble Selfie

We also had a ‘Scribbble Selfie’ competition – where people were asked to either draw a self portrait, or a portrait of someone else, take a photo with them and post on Twitter with the hashtag #scribbbleselfie.

IMG_7779 Β 

The winner of the Scribbble Selfie competition was Matt, who drew a picture of Lewis (below).


And lot’s more pictures!

Me and Scott had an absolutely blinding time and we hope you all did too. Here are some more pictures of the evening:

11401004_10152808593326604_3870217649189616360_nThe social media feed sponsored by Awesome Wall.

11168382_10152808594121604_6743229473166124521_nOrganisers Jo & Scott


Tom & Danny with one of Dan’s Royal Blood posters.


IMG_7705Enjoying the blistering sunshine!






The stickers designed by our attendees in our digital playoff competition, printed by Diginate.

IMG_7724All the awesome swag we had to give away!


The last of the Dribbblers late into the evening!

Let us know your feedback!

We’d love to hear how you found the evening, anything we could improve on, what you’d like to see more of (or less of?!). E-mail joanna@pfmeet.co.uk or comment below.

Written by:

Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard


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