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July 10th, 2015

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New World Code are a brand new collective agency set up by a group of coders and creatives. Sponsors of our Summer Party 2015 event, we like to get to know our sponsors on a more personal level so we spoke to Dave Mackintosh, one of the founders and NWC’s ‘Code Overlord’.

Dave is based locally in Chichester, whereas the other team members are spread out across the globe in the US, Newcastle and London.

Dave Macintosh

PFMEET: So Dave, tell us about New World Code, what are you guys up to?

DM: “At the moment, we’re building really interactive interfaces and cross platform mobile apps for companies like The American Bible Society, ABRSM and an American political party and on the side. It’s not all closed source though, we’re also developing in-house our own API paas.”

PFMEET: Can you tell us a bit more about the people behind it?

“Well, I’ve almost always been a contractor but I went into full time employment and had a horrible time so I started NWC with a couple of friends whom I’d worked with in previous lives. Adam Hoyle, a twice bafta nominated developer and founder of the now defunct Do Tank Studios and various other media companies and Sheldon Gold, a truly one of a kind experience designer and human being.”

PFMEET: What’s the idea behind New World Code, would you describe yourselves as an agency?

DM: “We’re a collective that acts like an agency, our work tends to be with larger businesses and funded start ups which we tender for as an agency but underneath New World Code is a collection of some super talented freelancers and industry veterans. We like to think we bridge the gap for freelancers and larger clients.”

PFMEET: So, are you currently on the lookout for freelancers to join your collective?

DM: “We’re always looking for talented people to be friends with, the industry moves so quickly so while one person might be available today they might not be tomorrow.”

PFMEET: What kind of freelancers are you looking for, and does it matter where they are based?

DM: “As long as they have the internet, we’d love to hear from them via Twitter (@newworldcode) or email ( at the moment we’re a bit short on Node and front-end talent.”

PFMEET: Thanks Dave, we can’t wait to see what projects you guys produce!

Come and say hello to NWC at the Summer Party! If you have a Summer Party ticket (14th July 2015) you can come and talk to Dave about New World Code and any freelance opportunities.

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard

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