Accounting for Freelancers & Small Business – 5 Reasons that FreeAgent are Awesome

December 3rd, 2014

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FreeAgent is one of those pieces of software, that once you use it, you wonder how you lived without it. We’re really chuffed that they are sponsoring the 2014 Portsmouth Freelancers Meet Christmas Party and we’d like to give you three reasons why;

1. FreeAgent Dashboard; know exactly what’s going on!

As someone who uses FreeAgent on a daily basis, the dashboard you’re presented with when you first login is a real treat. You can get a quick and clear overview of exactly what’s happening in your business day to day, month to month, or even annually. The dashboard tells you some really important information:

  • When and how much tax is due (including quarterly VAT returns)
  • Comparison of incoming and outgoing invoices and bills.
  • Bank balances (if you’ve enabled bank feed).
  • Dozens of other useful features also available, take a look at their list of features. 

2. Great invoicing system

Writing, sending and chasing invoices can be a real chore. FreeAgent makes it really easy with some of these awesome features:

  • Create & automatically send recurring invoices.
  • Send out late payment reminders – probably the most vital invoicing tool to keeping your business ticking over!
  • See clearly what is paid, due or overdue. I love that it tells you how many days until an invoice is due.

3. Bank feeds

What I love about FreeAgent is the automatic bank feed. You can connect it to your bank account and it will draw in your transactions automatically every couple of days. The beauty of this is, you can then easily and quickly explain your transactions, meaning you can stay in control and understand your cashflow.

4. Payroll & VAT

These are things that can be costly for a small business if asking an accountant to do it. FreeAgent allows you to connect to HMRC, meaning you can submit your Payroll every month, or your VAT quarterly.

Assuming your accounts are up to date and bank is reconciled, the VAT amount is calculated for you and you just submit through FreeAgent.

5. Great customer service & support

Not only is their software brilliant, if you ever have any issues or need some advice, their customer service team are really friendly and very helpful so you need not worry.

Get 10% off your subscription

We’ve also got a 10% off code, meaning you can sign up to FreeAgent now and get 10% off for life. Just click here or use the code: 42v91jsn at the checkout!

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard

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