Tales from the 2013 Summer Party

August 14th, 2013

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Me at the Summer Party

Me wearing a horse head at the Summer Party – of course!

The sun stayed out, the drinks were flowing, and the company was awesome. I could end it there, but there is a lot more to say.

Oh how we’ve grown…

3 years ago, Portsmouth Freelancers Meet was a mere 3-4 people – those people being Sam, Stuart, Jon and myself. And now we have a list of over 250 people who have attended at some point in the past 3 years.

The Summer and Christmas parties aren’t just to get you all drunk, it’s to hopefully entice some of those people who haven’t been sure about attending in the past and get them involved. We saw a lot of new faces last night, so thanks to you guys for diving straight in and coming to meet everyone!

A few thank you’s

These parties take a lot of organising, and there are a lot of busy bee’s behind the scenes making it all happen.

  • James – he’s the one who makes sure we actually have all the food, prizes and everything else at the event so we can enjoy it. An integral part of the team since day 1!
  • Dave – Dave has been involved for a couple of years and has always volunteered to help do pretty much anything to make my life easier. You are a star!
  • Lilian – My partner in crime, she dedicates a huge amount of time to help run the events, and is co-organising PubHack with me.
  • Alex – Not many people can pull off a 9 hour DJ set! Thanks for supplying the excellent music at the party!
  • Karl – Karl made fire happen so we could cook meat! He also used his amazing design skills to brand PF Meet!
  • Liam, Keith and Rosie – Thank you for helping set up early the in day!
  • Sue – Your barbecuing skills were much appreciated!

I was very touched that all these lovely people (and more) chipped in and put together a beautiful hamper for me, so thank you all so much for your dedication to keeping PF Meet what it is.

The people that made it possible

  • Boox Ltd – An excellent local accounting firm who chucked us a bunch of cash, gave away loads of prizes and got stuck in at the party. A pleasure working with you guys.
  • Heart Internet – Thoroughly enjoyed having you guys as sponsors, we hope to share a beer with you sometime!
  • Campaign Monitor – Have supported us from the start and sponsored every party and make sure we can send out mailshots to you all letting you know where the fun is happening.
  • The Lodge Arts Centre – Thanks for providing an excellent venue, everyone loved it and it had a really lovely vibe!
  • Brewhouse & Kitchen – Our regular PF Meet venue, very kindly donated some beer for raffle prizes!

And of course, thanks to everyone!

Really enjoyed meeting new people, seeing familiar faces and having a jolly good time all round. So thanks everyone who came last night and made it a lovely night.

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard


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