Summer BBQ photos!

August 17th, 2011

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Well, what a night! Starting off with drinks and a free BBQ sponsored by Campaign Monitor (all the way from Australia) and Mindworks Marketing (our local friends in Emsworth).

PF Meeters enjoying BBQ

Alex Stanhope started off the party spirit, getting his decks out and putting on some awesome tunes.

Alex on the decks

There were lots of familiar faces, and quite a few new ones as well.

PF Meeters outside

We soon had to move indoors cos the rowdy PF Meet bunch were causing too much noise outside, but that was okay, we could then crank up the music and cut the birthday cake! Here is Tom Kentell doing the honors:

Cutting the birthday cake


The rest of the night was spent getting to know each other, eating cake, and there was even some impromptu David Bowie karaoke by Alex and James:

Alex and James

We also managed to snap group shot of everyone (a few people had left but this is most people!). Amongst the group we have the very first PF Meeters – Jon EverittStuart Lambon and James Jones – so you can see how much the group has grown! I should also mention that Sam Knight and Jason Bird were also the other first PF Meeters but unfortunately were unable to make it – next time guys!

Group shot

I forgot to mention as part of my little speech (thanks for that guys!) that if it wasn’t for PF Meet I wouldn’t have made such good friends, and I also wouldn’t be part of the Heart & Sole team – so come along, you never know who you might meet!


The rest of the mugshots are available on Flickr – so check them out!

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard

4 responses to “Summer BBQ photos!”

  1. Is it just me, or does Tom look like a Samurai master cutting that cake? Seriously, people spend lifetimes learning things like Kendo and then along comes our very own Kentell and displays control and finesse that most could only dream of.

  2. Joanna E says:

    He is definitely the master of cake cutting!

  3. I particularly liked eating my own face 🙂 I’m actually quite tasty!

  4. Tom Kentell says:

    Ha =D I’m quite the king of cutting things 😉

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