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March 25th, 2015

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We’re teaming up with Scott who runs Emsworth Meet to run one of the infamous Dribbble meetups! We’re in very early stages at the moment but we can tell you it will be in Portsmouth, it will be soon, and it will be fun!

For those who are unfamiliar with Dribbble, head over and take a look – it’s a chance for designers to showcase their work and get feedback from other designers. For those who are already Dribbble familiar, you know the score!

What we’re asking right now is that you simply pop your email in the box below to register your interest in this event. It’s only by doing this we can gain sponsorship and support, and make it a bigger better event! You’ll also be the first to hear about the event, as tickets will be limited!

Thanks a lot, we can’t wait to get this event off the ground!

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Freelance front end developer, organiser of Portsmouth Freelancers Meet, Director of Starboard

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